Renewable Energy

BELL Group has been recycling palm oil waste from palm shell, mesocarp fibers and empty fruit bunches, for the conversion of electricity for in-house use since the start of operation. In wake of environmental issues, climate change and the global drive towards renewable energy sources, BELL Group has made a commitment to change the palm oil milling business into a totally green and environmental friendly industry. With energy technology, BELL Group strived for energy efficiency and ventured into biogas with the capturing of methane from POME.


In 1995, subsidiary Kilang Sawit United BELL was awarded another grant from EC-Asean Cogen Programme for implementation of co-generation, the first mill in the palm oil industry to receive a grant to apply technology in the conservation of energy.


In 2003, subsidiary  BELL Eco Power was awarded a  grant  from EC-ASEAN COGEN Ill to embark on a biomass power project.


In 2006, BELL Eco Power Sdn Bhd was formed to undertake a combined Biogas and Biomass power project for renewable energy and kick-started the first Independent Green Power Plant in the palm oil industry.


BELL Group’s objective is to move power generation to a different level by applying innovative renewable energy technologies to decarbonize the national electricity and the gas grids.  Such technologies include biomass combustion, biomass digestion and biogas digestion power plants which will revolutionize the entire operation of the palm oil industry.


With Energy Technology, BELL Group is able to achieve efficient energy conversion chain by utilizing the abundant  by-products, achieve zero wastage, minimize carbon footprints, reduce dependence on fossil fuel energy, and generate sustainable green income.