Our commitment towards an eco-green, carbon-neutral production in our upstream activities of palm oil and oleochemical refineries spans over to our downstream value-added activities. At our laboratory, we conduct researches on downstream processing, working closely with the Standards & Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM) and the Palm Oil Research Institute of Malaysia and other research counterparts in France, Korea and Russia. Our R&D efforts and collaboration with both local and international research counterparts has allowed us to achieve a technological breakthrough in this oleochemical personal care product formulation.



BELL Lab is the first R&D lab in the country to conduct research and development on palm based products. R&D efforts and collaboration with both local and international research counterparts led to a technological breakthrough in the oleochemical personal care product formulation with the brand LIASARI. BELL Lab has diversified  into health and produced healthcare products in the production of tocotrienols, a supplement that contain vitamin E which is essential to the human body.  BELL Lab has also introduced a new brand called BELL LABS, an oil based skincare line.


Liasari Sdn Bhd

The technological breakthrough of downstream value-added oleochemical led to the creation of a  palm-based personal care product line called LIASARI, a 100% totally green personal care product line that uses palm-based cosmetic ingredients that are green, natural and safe.


LIASARI  is the world’s first totally green and natural based skincare and cosmetics brand with a wide range of products: Aloevera range, Camomile range, Powder Image range, Body Essentials, Lemongrasse range, Tea Tree range, Lactic-A range and more recently, our healthcare range that includes Bamboo Charcoal Cleanser and Bamboo Charcoal Soap, among others.


We manufacture and market a full range of all natural and green palm-based skin care, body care, and toiletry and soap products under Liasari Sdn Bhd. Liasari has earned a name in the Malaysian Book of Records and other numerous awards for its palm-based personal care and full-range baby products. The ingredients used in Liasari products are petrochemicals-free and traceable to palm-based oleochemicals. For more information visit or visit us at our facebook page


BELL Green Soaps & Amenities

We also engage in contract manufacturing of palm-based soaps and amenities, catering to clientele of hotels and brands all over the world. A Joint venture with a Japanese group lead to the setting up of M2 Ecopacific Sdn Bhd, a soap finishing plant in Kota Kemuning Industrial Park, Shah Alam to cater for the Japanese soap market.


Future Downstream Activities

We are currently researching on the more ways to create new uses for palm oil, such as in the manufacturing of food and health products. Recent research conducted by top professionals in the field of medicine have discovered that red palm oil is rich in tocotrienol, a type of vitamin E that is acknowledged to have the ability of slowing down the process of aging. This supports the notion of a bright future for palm oil and the social and financial benefits that can be achieved through unlocking the oil's true potential.