Economic Sustainability

Smallholder Farmer Programme

As a corporate citizen, BELL Group has palm oil mills throughout Malaysia where smallholder farmers can bring their crops for processing. Our corporate goal is to improve the livelihood of smallholder farmers and promote healthy communities in the areas we operate in.


This initiative provides:

  1. A platform for the vast and scattered population of the smallholders who do not have the manufacturing ability or capacity.
  2. Assistance in the form of financial aid and transportation of crops to the mills.
  3. Education and practical consultation on responsible planting for small farmers. (e.g.: The Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) selected one of BELL Group’s mills in Sri Lingga, Melaka to teach smallholder farmers on to proper usage of fertilizers that leads to better yield. BELL Sri Lingga Sdn. Bhd. was then presented a Token of Appreciation by MPOB in recognition of our efforts.)


Social Sustainability

BELL Foundation

As our employees are the backbone of our company, BELL Group strives to build a positive and lasting difference in the lives of employees and their families. BELL Foundation was set up to provide educational support for our employees’ children with special educational needs.


Corporate Social Responsibility

BELL Group’s corporate goal is to improve the livelihood of smallholders and to promote healthy communities around the areas of operation.


BELL Group’s Smallholder Farmers Initiative advocating ‘Poverty Reduction for Smallholder Farmers for Sustainable Life-Long Enrichment’ is an extensive research programme that is actively involved in the welfare of local communities, by assisting the disadvantaged towards an improved socioeconomic  standard of living.


The Kelompok Baja Terselia programme, endorsed by the Malaysian Palm Oil Board, was spearheaded by BELL Group, where the fertiliser cluster scheme was initiated. Consequently, a platform of advisory services, provisions of fertilizers & seedlings, financial aid, education, practical consultation on responsible planting and even transportation are being provided for the vast and scattered population of small farmers who have neither the manufacturing ability nor capacity.

Environmental Sustainability

In line with BELL Group’s long term commitment to Green Technology solutions, we continuously research for innovative ways to indulge in sustainable practices that not only serve to optimize our production processes, but also immensely reduce our carbon footprint. We are firm believers of the "waste to wealth" concept and at such, are pioneers in the struggle for a cleaner, zero-waste industry.


This is evident in our ability to transform solid and liquid wastes (Biomass), obtained from our palm oil milling processes, into renewable forms of energy that can be further utilized. This clean source of energy is then channeled back into our milling processes through the boiler, utilized as a form of green electricity generation or combusted for emission reduction. Through this technology, we have previously earned the title of Malaysia’s First CDM-Based Combined Biogas and Biomass power projects for renewable energy.