Vision & Mission

It is our culture to think outside of the box as far as our eco-responsibilities are concerned; propelling headstrong as an environmentally conscious enterprise. Staying true to our eco-green values, we strive to deliver value-added, environmentally friendly downstream products.



  1. To spearhead our innovations to revolutionize the palm oil industry and to pave the way for a green economy; promoting environmental, personal, and social development



  1. To produce the highest quality, environmentally-friendly palm oil products that leads to superior customer satisfaction
  2. To lead innovation, technology, processes, and people towards a sustainable palm oil industry
  3. To take bold initiatives and make historical breakthroughs in effort to revolutionize and beautify the palm oil industry, to develop a lasting competitive advantage, solid sustainable growth, and superior financial returns
  4. To de-carbonized the nation’s electrical and gas grids